Universal Trade Interface.

One user interface for many swap protocols! A native application built to trade conventionally on decentralized exchange protocols.

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Utrin will offer support for protocols on multiple chains. Starting with Uniswap on the Ethereum chain and adding on to the list as we go down our roadmap.

Utrin offers tools for technical analysis on all trading pairs. This allows the user to make analytical decisions before doing a trade; all in one simple interface.

Say goodbye to manually adding ERC-20 tokens to your portfolio. Utrin knows what tokens you hold based on your trading activity and makes sure to track the corresponding data for the ones relevant to you (e.g. Logo, Market Cap, Price, Ticker etc.).

About Utrin.

Utrin is a local application that makes it possible to place limit orders on swap protocols. Users pay a fixed amount per month, $20 USD, paid in Utrin tokens.

Get an introduction to the Utrin client with the video on the right of this page (below if you are visiting this site on a mobile device). If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to one of our community channels or send us an e-mail!

Swapping tokens couldn’t be easier!

Utrin Tokens.

Each Utrin user pays $20 USD every 30 days to use the software. This payment is made in Utrin Tokens, by means of a contract call to the Utrin smart contract. This can be done easily by using the Utrin application/client.

40% of the tokens used for payment are burned immediately. The remaining 60% goes to the dividend pool, part of which is paid out to those who  hold the token.

Full Token Economics

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