Utrin’s token economics in a nutshell.

Users need to redeem $20 USD worth of Utrin Tokens every 30 days. These tokens can either be bought on Uniswap, or through the Utrin client. 40% of the tokens users redeem will be burned, 60% will go the the dividend pool.

On the first day of each month the 90% of the tokens in the dividend pool are sent to the Utrin Team / Development fund. The remaining 10% will be airdropped to all addresses (except for the team and burn addresses) who hold more than 200 Utrin tokens.


Token Name:
“Universal Trade Interface”

Token Symbol:


  Total Supply:                     542,574.60
  Circulating Sup.:             173,356.10

 Sold in Private sale:                106,953
 Sold in Presale:                           15,430
Tokens used for Liq:                  16,000
OTC contract:                               30,000
Team Tokens:                             180,000
Development:                              90,000
Legal:                                                 20,000
Marketing:                                     85,000


Important Addresses:

Contract Address


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Essential Addresses
Dividend Pool


Important Rates and Prices:

Private Sale Rate and Contract
1 ETH min. contribution!
1 ETH = 3000 Utrin

Contract (click for link):

Closed. Please do not sent any funds!
Public Sale Rate and Contract
0.01 ETH min. contribution!
1 ETH = 2500 Utrin

Contract (click for link):

Closed, please do not send any FUNDS!
Listing Price and Hardcap
Uniswap Listing price:
1 ETH = 2000 Utrin

20% of raised ETH will be used for the liquidity pool! If our sale doesn’t sell out, less Utrin tokens will be used to garantee this rate. Unused liqidity tokens will be burned. 

Total amount of ETH raised:
41 ETH.